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Surface Treatment
Water Treatment
    Powder form mild alkaline cleaner for removal of oils, drawing compunds and lubricants from ferrous and non ferrous surfaces.

  2. GEM KLEEN 1
    Powder from alkaline degreasing compound containing surface conditioning additive, suitable for spray/dip application prior to zinc phosphating processes on mild steel or galvanised substrates.

  3. GEM KLEEN 2
    Caustic silicate free, powder form, mild alkaline compound, suitable for ferrous and non ferrous metals at low temperature by immension application.

  4. GEM KLEEN 3
    High alkaline powder form cleaner, with surfactants, suitable for coil coating for removal of organic contamination and storage residues from iron foils.

    Aqueous neutral cleaner with corrosion inhibitors without attack on steel and galvanised surfaces. Applicable in spray and manual clean processes, in metal working industries as well as manufacturers of engines and transmitters.
cleaning additive
  1. GEM SOL E 27
    Cleaning additive based on non ionic surfactants used in combination with Gem Kleen cleaners in spray/immersion applications.

  2. GEM SOL E 30
    Cleaning additive based on non ionic biodegradable used in combination with Gem Kleen cleaners in spray/immersion applications.
    Mixture of organic and inorganic acids used for removal of heavy rust and light scale from CRCA and hot rolled sheets. The solutions may be heated to accelerate the process.

  2. RUSTO GEM 1
    It is organic based derusting compound containing inhibitor and surfactant used for spot derusting process to prevent drying of clean surface.

  3. RUSTO GEM 2
    It is an effective derusting compound designed for removal of rust and scale from CRCA and hot rolled sheets at elevated temperature.
alkaline derusting compund
    It is a highly alkaline aqueous compound containing powerfull sequestering agents, surfectants and designed for removal of oil, grease, grawing lubricants, phosphate coating and light rust trom iron surfaces. It is used by spray/immersion application at elevated temperature.
Acid inhibitors
  1. GEMBIT 1
    Acid inhibitor used for HCL acid.

  2. GEMBIT 2
    Acid inhibitor used for sulfuric acid.
alkaline antirust compound
  1. GEM PTS
    It is a mild alkaline organic compound with excellent water corrosion resistant properties, used for temporary corrosion protection for several hours prior to pretreatment and also prevent inter stage drying effects.
GEM ACTIVATE It is a titanated base surface activation agent to be added in rinse water prior to zinc phosphating process especially suited for demineralised water or low water hardness. It is used at room temperature.
COnversion coating
  1. GEM KOTE 210
    It is a calcium modified zinc phosphate product which produces micro crystalline compact coating with execellent corrosion protection even suited for high paint baking temperature.

  2. GEM KOTE 1012
    Trication phosphate for steel zinc and aluminium surfaces by spray/immersion application at low temperature.

  3. GEM PHOS 300
    It is a zinc phosphate conversion coating which produces smooth crystalline coating on steel surface for cold forming process.

  4. GEM PHOS 330
    It is self accelerted zinc phosphate conversion coating which produces smooth crystalline coating on steel surface for cold forming process.
  1. GEM KOTE 30
    Standard manganese phosphate process at 93-98 degrees celcius.
  1. GEM KOTE 302
    It is hexavalent chromium based two component product which produces yellow chromating on zinc and aluminium surfaces by immersion/spray processes, at ambient temperature.
post rinse products
    Aqueous acidic product containing ortho phosphate and hexavalent chromium ion, suitable for zinc, manganese and iron phosphated surfaces. It increases corrosion protection and paint adhesion.

    Ecofriendly non chromate passivation chemical.
Paint coagulent
  1. GEM FLOC 21
    It is a drawing polymer used for universal floculation and sludge dewatering. The doses vary from 1 ppm to 50 ppm.
Cold forming soap solution
    GemLube is a drawing lubricant with exceptionally high film strength and is used for cold extrusion and cold forming operations. It is applied by immersion to metallic surface which have usually been zinc phosphate coating forming a lubricant layer which facilitates the cold forming of metal and retards formation of rust.
    Accelerator 3 is a formulated product used to control the level of ferrous ions and accelerate the phosphate process. It can be used either in soak or spray applications.
Bateriacides & Slimicide
  1. Gem Watereat 301
    Kern watereat 301 is a very active, general purpose non-oxidizing biocide, based on chorophenates, dispersants and stabilizers. A regular dosage of 100150 ppm once a week prevents the formation of algae and controls the bacterial count within permissible limits in the re-circulating water system.

  2. Gem Watereat 302
    This is a wide spectrum non-oxidizing biocide based on dichlorophene. It is effective against all types of algae and bacteria even in the presence of organic contamination at a dosage of 100-150 ppm every week.

  3. Gem Watereat 303
    This is a slimicide and bacteriacide exclusive for paper making industry. It is a blend of unique thiocynate compounds and powerful dispersant stabilizers to give a synergistic effect for the control of microbiological fouling/slime due to bacteria.

    One of the most troublesome problem faced by paper makers is the uncontrolled proliferation of microbes in their system. The effect of microbial growth is felt in many areas of the mill and, if left unattended, can totally suspend economical paper production. GEM WATREAT is specially designed to tackle the problem faced in the pulp and mills due to microbes.

    GEM WATREAT is a highly effective wide spectrum liquid biocide, recommended for the control of slime producing, cellulose degrading, sulphate reducing and iron bacteria.
Corrosion & Scale Inhibitors
  1. Gem Watereat 102
    This is basically meant for water softening, scale prevention, corrosion prevention treatment. This part also contains substantial quality of non-oxidizing type biocide to check biofouling and slime growth.

    This also helps control water quality, PH & Online Descaling.
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