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Surface Treatment
Water Treatment
GEM Technologies is a leading supplier of chemical products to General Industry manufacturing industries. Producers of metal furniture, electrical enclosures and metal fasteners are among the industries served by us. As a leading supplier of speciality chemicals to manufacturers, GEM Technologies can meet many requirements in surface cleaning, pre-treatment, corrosion protection, friction reduction, lapping, crack detection…to name just a few examples.
Appliances and Electrical Goods
Manufacturers of white and brown goods, compresssors and the many types of appliances and electrical goods used at home and by industry, require a strong partner to meet their needs for chemicals.
The heating, ventilation and control industry has developed its surface treatment processes to extremely high standards and demands a high standard of quality and service from suppliers. GEM Technologies has developed close working partnerships with its customers in this industry and works with manufacturers of domestic radiators, boilers and ventilation fans to provide high performance with minimal process cost.
Heavy Equipment
Agricultural equipment, off-road vehicles, construction equipment and a variety of industrial equipment such as material handling machines, fork lift trucks and cranes are all subjects to a harsh working environment. Surface finishes need to be extremely durable.
Job Coaters
Trade finishers range from small finishing shops to large trade coaters. They treat and coat a multitude of components, parts and goods for their customers. Such businesses require flexibility in their chemical processes to cope with the variety of production throughput.
Pipe Coating
GEM Technologies is a specialist supplier of chemical pretratments for pipe coating.
Aluminium Finishing and New Substrates
As a recognised leader in this field, GEM Technologies has invested heavily in development of chromate free processes for pretreating aluminium, magnesium and other lightweight metals and alloys for painting and powder coating.

With representation throughout the world and its focus on performance quality and safety, contact GEM Technologies to provide reliable solutions for your metal processing needs.


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