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Surface Treatment
Water Treatment
Tube Drawing
Tubes are used in architectural and furniture applications in the same way as in the manufacture of for high-pressure hydraulic lines, precision shock absorbers and high-strength engineering elements. Whether they are welded or seamless, made from steel or stainless steel – GEM Technologies offers the chemical processes required for the modern manufacture of high-quality tubes.
Wire Drawing
Wires and products involving wire as a pre-material play a very important role in nearly all walks of everyday life. Wire is used to make fences, grids, ropes and cables in the same way as for paper clips, cutlery, springs, strings and high-strength connecting elements. It affords strength to car tires and stability to concrete. GEM Technologies supplies high-quality products for the production of high-quality wire.
Cold Extrusion
Solid parts made from steel are essential for the construction of many items such as engines, gearboxes and steering systems of cars and machines. Solid aluminum is used to manufacture light engineering components for the automotive and electrical industries as well as spray cans and toothpaste tubes for domestic use. Many parts that formerly required extensive further treatment now leave the extrusion lines with a net or near-net shape. Innovative high-performance products from GEM Technologies offer optimum solutions for all applications.


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