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Surface Treatment
Water Treatment
Cooling Towers
GEM WATREAT 301 is a very active, general purpose non-oxidizing biocide, based on chorophenates, dispersants and stabilizers. A regular dosage of 100150 ppm once a week prevents the formation of algae and controls the bacterial count within permissible limits in the re-circulating water system.

This is a wide spectrum non-oxidizing biocide based on dichlorophene. It is effective against all types of algae and bacteria even in the presence of organic contamination at a dosage of 100-150 ppm every week.
Paper Mills
This is a slimicide and bacteriacide exclusive for paper making industry. It is a blend of unique thiocynate compounds and powerful dispersant stabilizers to give a synergistic effect for the control of microbiological fouling/slime due to bacteria.

One of the most troublesome problems faced by paper makers is the uncontrolled proliferation of microbes in their system. The effect of microbial growth is felt in many areas of the mill and, if left unattended, can totally suspend economical paper production. GEM WATREAT is specially designed to tackle the problem faced in the pulp and mills due to microbes.

GEM WATREAT is a highly effective wide spectrum liquid biocide, recommended for the control of slime producing, cellulose degrading, suphate reducing and iron bacteria.


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