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Surface Treatment
Water Treatment
Gem Technologies, is an ISO 9001 - 2008 certified company, has attained a position of leadership in the area of surface treatment chemicals for paint based application, cold forming and coil coating application.

Gem Technologies is a closely held partnership firm, having an annual turnover of approx. Rs.50 millions located in the industrial town of Ludhiana in the state of Punjab, North India. Gem caters to customers in all regions of India from this plant. Most of  the company's customers are concentrated in Northern, Central and Western regions of the country in highly industrialised areas. Our factory staff have built up a flexible production system that is capable of handling high mix, small lot manufacturing , that would be too labour intensive for major corporations. In line with users' expectations, we provide high quality, high added value products at low cost and with short delivery times. The factory not only prioritizes safety, but also strives to implement environmental measures to the greatest possible extent. Gem also maintains agent network in most major cities like New Delhi, Indore, Nashik, Moradabad.Therefore, service is never too far away.

Gem started out as a dyestuff manufacturing unit in the year 1968, and diversified in the field of surface chemistry . Over a period of over three decades, to respond to demands and times and users' varied requirements, the company has acquired a unique ability to develop user friendly technologies in the areas of paint pretreatment, cold forming and coil coating.
While investing in these accumulated techniques at new levels, integrating and applying them, Gem has expanded the scope of its activities into new fields.

At present, the company is concentrating on three business areas, namely ,
* Metal surface treatment chemicals
* Water treatment chemicals
* Cold forming Lubricants

We offer broadly the following products:
* Phosphating chemicals based on proven technologies including eco friendly tri-cationic process.
* Liquid degreasing and activation compounds with stable bath life for automated dosing systems.
* Neutral Cleaners
* Lubricants and oils for metal working applications
* Anodizing Chemicals

* Water treatment chemicals

Gem Technologies Research and Development centre - a facility that has a well equipped lab and highly trained staff. Its commitment has been continuous, pro invention and commercial introduction of products to meet the increasing sophisticated demands of our customers. We live by a philosophy of partnership which often takes on unique forms, such as total quality and increased productivity and customer needs' mapping, and quick marketing intelligence.

Manpower :

Gem Technologies has a strong team of 4 technical service personnel consisting of 1 corrosion scientist, 2 engineers and 1 chemist for start ups,monitoring and trouble shooting. Gem also has a panel of experienced consultants having expertise in corrosion.

Gem Technologies maintains excellent working relations with leading chemical engineering institutes like National Chemical Laboratory, Pune and University Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai.

Most of the employees choose to remain with Gem due to our fair employment and reward schemes.As a result our employee turnover is very low.

Regarding our sales network, we have agents across the country, supported by technical staff having basic knowledge about the products.

Start-up Experience & Service :
Experience with "grass root start -up" with both old and new facilities. Expert internal knowlege in a wide variety of chemistry application products is available to it's clients.

Gem Technologies possesses the experience and local presence to execute the desired process anywhere in India. Our procedures are customised to meet needs of a particular client but can encompass procurement, logistics, data management of environment reporting requirements and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).

Customers And Experience :
Gem Technologies' present customers for pretreatment chemicals are in line with our policy of forming partnership with our customers. We have been providing services like process, performance and cost monitoring , inventory control, JIT deliveries and reusable packing for most of our three decade experience in pretreatment and other performance chemicals.

Gem Technologies' vast experience in PT lines and trained implicity in all fundamental areas, starting from processing of raw material to supply of finished products and wholesome after sales technical service, has been able to replace our competitors.

We are performance specialty chemicals manufacturer; everyone at GEM is conscious of this fact and knows that products quality, technical service and customer satisfaction are the backbone of our business. We are committed to absorbing knowledge to incorporate improvements on a continuous basis consistent with global trends. In order to realise our goal of being a "Supplier of Choice" we consider our customer as partners and work towards achieving the common objective of higher quality, better value for money and a friendlier enviornment.
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